Recruitment Information

Welfare Benefit System

WelfareGreen COS operates various compensation
systems to improve our employees’ quality of
life and increase their satisfaction with the company.

Performance Compensation / Improvement of Work Ability
  • Performance-based Incentives

    In addition to salaries, performance incentives are provided according to the evaluation grade for the first half and second half of the year.

  • Self-Development Support

    We support training expenses for the self-development of our executives and employees.

  • Super speed Promotion

    Staff with excellent evaluation can be promoted at super speed through the selection personnel system.

  • Congratulatory Gifts for Promotion

    Gifts are given to those who are promoted as congratulations and encouragement.

  • Reward for Excellent Employees

    Prize money is rewarded to excellent employees in the first and second half of the year

  • Reward for Long-term Service

    A plaque for long-term service and prize money are given under our long-term service (5/10/20 years) standard.

  • Experienced Newbie OJT

    We work for Soft-landing by conducting OJT for experienced new employees.

  • Workshop

    We promote the harmony between employees through workshop events by position/theme.

Legal and Internal Welfare Benefits
  • Pre-childbirth/Maternity Leave

    We take the lead in protecting mothers through maternity leave, parental leave, and male paternity leave.

  • Regular Health Checkups

    Regular health checkups are conducted at large hospitals once a year.

  • Stipend for Unused Annual Leave

    Stipend for unused annual leave is given to the people arising under the Labor Standards Act.

  • Retirement Pension System

    This DC-type retirement pension can be operated separately for each individual.

  • Lunch/Dinner Support

    We provide lunch for all employees regardless of their positions and service years.

  • Night Shift Support of Dinner Money

    We support dinner money for overtime workers at night.

  • Refresh Vacation

    Refresh vacations are given up to 10 days for those who have worked for more than a year.

  • Rest9 System

    We grant 9 holidays on the desired date of the year.

Business Environment and Intra-company Welfare
  • Support for In-house Clubs

    We encourage all employees to be engaged in one club and support activity expenses.

  • Division’s Harmony Payment

    We support the division’s harmony expenses for harmony among employees within the divisions

  • Training Support

    We strive to improve our ability to work through job development training.

  • Public Vehicles

    We provide public vehicles for smooth transfer between tasks.

  • Oil Expenses Support

    We pay oil expenses when employees use a business vehicle.

  • Commuter Bus Service to the Factory

    Factory commuter buses are prepared for workers' pleasant commute.

  • Female Employee's Lounge

    A female employee's lounge is set up at Gimpo Plant.

  • Snack Support

    We support a variety of snacks for our employees.