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Terms of Service (mandatory)

Article 1 (Purpose) These Terms and Conditions aim to stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities, and other necessary matters between Green COS and its members regarding the use of services provided by Green COS (hereinafter referred to as "Green COS"). Article 2 (Definition) The definitions of terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows; ① "Service" refers to all related services of Green COS that can be used by "Member" regardless of the implemented terminals (including various wired and wireless devices such as PC, TV, portable terminals, etc.). ② "Member" refers to a customer who accesses the "Service" of "Green COS," concludes a use contract under these Terms and Conditions, and uses the "Service" provided by "Green COS." ③ "ID" refers to a combination of letters and numbers determined by "Member" and approved by "Green COS" for identification of a "Member" and use of "Service." ④ "Password" refers to a combination of letters or numbers determined by "Member" in order to confirm that "Member" is the "Member" who matches the given "ID" and protect the confidentiality. ⑤ “Postings” refer to writings, photos, videos, various files, and links in the form of information such as codes, texts, audio, sound, images, and videos posted "on the Service" when "Member" uses the "Service." ⑥ "Paid Service" refers to various contents (including various information contents and other paid contents) and all services provided by "Green COS" for a fee. ⑦ "Points" refers to virtual data on the "Service" with no property value that Green COS can arbitrarily set, pay, or adjust for the efficient use of services such as mileage. Article 3 (Posting and revision of the Terms and Conditions) ① "Green COS" shall post the contents of these Terms and Conditions on the initial screen of the "Service" so that "Member" can easily understand. ② "Green COS" may revise these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate related laws such as “Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act," "Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Information Communications Network Act")" ③ When "Green COS" revises the Terms and Conditions, the date of application and the reason for the amendment must be specified and announced along with the current Terms and Conditions from 30 days before the effective date of the revised Terms and Conditions to one day before the effective date under the method of Paragraph 1. However, if a change does not significantly affect the rights and obligations of "Member," it shall be notified seven days before the effective date. ④ If the "Member" uses the "Service" after the effective date under the preceding Paragraph, it is deemed that the "Member" has agreed to the revised Terms and Conditions. "Member" may terminate the service contract if he/she does not agree to the changed terms and conditions. ⑤ If a member using a paid "Service" terminates the contract of use because he/she does not agree to the revision of these Terms and Conditions, the refund policy set by the Terms and Conditions of the paid "Service" shall be followed. Article 4 (Interpretation of Terms and Conditions) ① "Green COS" may have separate terms and conditions and policies (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions and Other Matters of the Paid Service") for "Paid Service" and individual "Service." In the event of any conflict with these Terms and Conditions, "Terms and Conditions and Other Matters of the Paid Service" shall be first applied. ② For matters or interpretations not specified in these Terms and Conditions, "Terms and Conditions and Other Matters of the Paid Service" and related laws or commercial practices shall be followed. Article 5 (Conclusion of the use contract) ① The contract of use shall be concluded when a person who wants to become a "Member" (hereinafter referred to as "Applicant for Membership") agrees to the Terms and Conditions, then applies for membership, and "Green COS" approves such application. ② "Green COS" shall in principle to approve the use of "Service" for the application of "Applicant for Membership.” However, "Green COS" may not approve of the following applications or terminate the contract of use afterward if the cause falls under the Clauses as below; 1. An "Applicant for Membership" has previously lost its membership due to these Terms and Conditions. There may be an exception if someone has obtained the approval of "Green COS" for membership re-registration after one year has passed since his/her membership loss. 2. In case of not using a real name or under disguised ownership 3. If false information is entered, or the details proposed by "Green Course" is not entered 4. When a minor under the age of 14 does not obtain the consent of a legal representative (parent, etc.) 5. If approval is not possible due to reasons attributable to a user or if a user applies in violation of other prescribed matters ③ In the application under Paragraph 1, “Green COS” may request real name verification and self-certification through specialized agencies according to the type of “Member.” ④ “Green COS” may withhold approval if there is no room for facilities related to “Service” or if there is a technical or business problem. ⑤ If “Green COS” does not approve the application for membership registration or reserves it under Paragraphs 2 and 4, it shall, in principle, inform the “Applicant for Membership.” ⑥ The use contract shall be established when "Green COS" marks the completion of the sign-up in the application procedure. ⑦ “Green COS” may divide “Member” by grade according to the “Green COS” policy and subdivide usage time, usage frequency, and “Service” menu, etc. to grade the usage. ⑧ "Green COS" may impose restrictions on the usage or by grade to comply with the grade and age subject to “Member” under the “Movie and Video Promotion Act” and the “Juvenile Protection Act.” Article 6 (Change of member’s information) ① “Member” may view and modify his/her personal information at any time through the personal information management screen. However, it is not allowed to modify the real name, resident registration number, ID, etc., necessary for “Service” management. ② “Member” must make amendments online or notify “Green COS” of the changes by e-mail or other means if the information entered at the time of membership application has been changed. ③ "Green COS" shall not be responsible for any disadvantages caused by “Member” for not notifying "Green COS" of the changes specified in Paragraph 2. Article 7 (Obligation to protect personal information) "Green COS" strives to protect the personal information of "Member" following the relevant laws such as the "Information Communications Network Act.” Regarding the protection and use of personal information, the relevant laws and “Green COS” privacy policy are applied. However, the privacy policy of “Green COS” does not apply to linked sites other than the official website of “Green COS.” Article 8 (Obligation to manage “ID” and “Password” of “Member”) ① “Member” is responsible for managing his/her “ID” and “Password,” and he/she must not allow a third party to use them. ② If there is any concern that the “ID” of “Member” may be leaked of personal information, anti-social or contrary to public morals, or mistaken as "Green COS" and an operator of "Green COS," “Green COS” may restrict the use of the “ID.” ④ “Member” must immediately notify “Green COS” and follow the guidance of “Green COS” when he/she recognizes that his/her “ID” and “Password” are stolen or used by a third party. ⑤ In the case of Paragraph 3, “Green COS” is not responsible for any disadvantages arising because the relevant “Member” does not notify “Green COS” of the fact or from failure to follow the instructions of “Green COS” even after the “Member” notifies “Green COS.” Article 9 (Notice on “Member”) ① When “Green COS” notifies “Member,” it can be done via e-mail address designated by “Member,” electric memo within “Service,” etc. unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions ② "Green COS" can replace the notice of Paragraph 1 by posting on the bulletin board of "Green COS" for more than seven days in the case of notification for the entire "Members.” Article 10 (Obligation of "Green COS") ① "Green COS" shall not involve in any activity that is prohibited by relevant laws and these Terms and Conditions or that goes against public morals. And it shall make every effort to provide "Service" continuously and stably. ③ “Green COS” must have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that “Member” can safely use “Service,” It also must disclose and comply with the privacy policy. ④ “Green COS” shall handle the opinions or complaints raised by “Member” if they are considered to be justifiable regarding the use of “Service.” For opinions or complaints raised by “Member,” the process and results shall be delivered to “Member” through the bulletin board or via e-mail. Article 11 (Obligation of "Member") ① “Member” must not do the following actions; 1. Registration of false information when applying or changing 2. Theft of information from others 3. Change of information posted by "Green COS" 4. Transmission or posting of information (computer programs, etc.) other than those specified by "Green COS" 5. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of "Green COS" and other third parties 6. Actions that damage the reputation of “Green COS” and other third parties or interfere with business 7. Disclosure or posting of obscene or violent messages, images, audio, or other information against public order and morals 8. Acts of using the “Service” for profit without the consent of Green COS 9. Other illegal or unfair practices 10. Actions of posting or sending unauthorized advertisements, promotional material, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid organization," or any other form of solicitation 11. Actions of posting or transmitting materials with software viruses or other computer code, files, or programs designed to interfere with or destroy computer software, hardware, telecommunications equipment, or limit their functions ② “Member” must comply with related laws, provisions of These Terms and Conditions, user guide and notifications regarding “Service,” and matters notified by “Green COS.” “Member” must not do any activities that interfere with the business of "Green COS.” Article 12 (Provision of the “Service,” etc.) ② “Green COS” shall provide “Member” with all “Service” developed by “Green COS” or provided through other association contracts with “Green COS.” ③ “Green COS” can divide the “Service” into a certain range and specify the available time for each range separately. However, in such cases, the contents will be notified in advance. ④ “Service” shall be provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in principle. ⑤ “Green COS” may temporarily suspend the provision of “Service” in the event of maintenance, inspection, replacement, or breakdown of information and communication facilities, including computers, communication interruption, or significant reasons in terms of business operation. In this case, “Green COS” shall notify “Member” in the manner specified in Article 9 [Notice on “Member”]. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that "Green COS" cannot notify in advance, it may notify afterward. ⑥ "Green COS" can perform the regular inspection if necessary for the provision of “Service,” and the regular inspection time shall comply with the announcement on the “Service” provision screen. Article 13 (Changes in the “Service”) ① “Green COS” may change all or part of the provided “Service” according to operational and technical needs if there is any good reason. ② If there is a change in the content of the “Service,” usage method, and usage time, the reason for the change, the details of the “Service” to be changed, and the date of provision must be posted on the initial screen of the corresponding “Service” seven days or more before the change. ③ "Green COS" may modify, suspend, or change part or all of the “Service” provided free of charge as necessary for the policy and operation of “Green COS.” Following these matters, “Green COS” shall not provide separate compensation to “Member” unless otherwise specified in the relevant law. Article 14 (Provision of information and publication of advertisements) ① “Green COS” can provide “Member” with various information deemed necessary while “Member” uses “Service” through notice or e-mail. However, “Member” may refuse to receive an e-mail at any time, except for information related to transactions and responses to customer inquiries under relevant laws. ② In the case of transmitting the information in Paragraph 1 by telephone or a fax machine, it shall be transmitted with the prior consent of “Member.” However, some information shall be excluded, such as information related to transactions and responses to customer inquiries under relevant laws ③ “Green COS” may publish advertisements on the “Service” screen, homepage, and e-mail regarding the operation of “Service.” When “Member” has received e-mails with advertisements on it, etc., he/she may show rejection to “Green COS” regarding e-mail with an advertisement in it. Article 15 (Copyright of “Postings”) ① The copyright of “Postings” posted in the “Service” by a “Member” shall belong to the author of the posting. ② “Postings” posted by a “Member” in the “Service” may be exposed to search results or the “Service” promotions. They may be partially modified, edited, and posted within the scope necessary for such exposure. In this case, the “Member” may delete the posting, exclude search results, or hide the posting at any time through the customer center or the management function within the “Service.” ④ “Green COS” must obtain the consent of a “Member” in advance through telephone, fax, e-mail, etc., in case of using “Postings” of the “Member” in a method other than Paragraph 2. Article 16 (Management of "Postings") ① If the “Postings” of a “Member” contains contents that violate related laws such as the “Information Communications Network Act” and “Copyright Act,” the right holder may request the suspension and deletion of the “Postings” under the procedures set by the relevant laws. “Green COS” must also take action following relevant laws. ② If there is a reason for the infringement of rights to be acknowledged even without a request from the right holder under the preceding Paragraph or if there is any activity that violates other Green COS policies and related laws, "Green COS" shall take temporary measures regarding the "Postings" in accordance with the relevant laws. ③ Detailed procedures according to this Article shall comply with the "Request Service for Discontinuation of Publication" set by "Green COS" within the scope of the "Information Communications Network Act" and "Copyright Act.” - Request Service for Discontinuation of Publication: Article 17 (Attribution of the rights) ① Copyrights and intellectual property rights for “Service” shall belong to “Green COS.” However, “Postings” of a “Member” and works provided under the association contracts are excluded. ② "Green COS" gives a "Member" only the right to use the account, "ID," contents, and "Points" according to the Terms and Conditions set by "Green COS" regarding the "Service." "Member" cannot conduct an act of disposal/disposition, such as transferring, selling, or providing collateral. Article 18 (Points) “Green COS” may adjust part or all of “Points” for efficient use and operation of “Service” after announcing the prior notice. “Points” may be expired periodically according to the period set by Green COS. Article 19 (Contract cancellation, termination, etc.) ① “Member” may apply for termination of the use contract at any time through the customer center on the initial screen of the “Service” or through the My Information Management menu, and “Green COS” must deal with it immediately as stipulated by related laws. ③ When “Member” terminates the contract, all postings registered in his/her account shall be destroyed among “Postings” that he/she created. However, “Postings” saved by others, reposted after being scraped, registered in the public board shall not be deleted, so “Member” is recommended to delete them in advance and withdraw the account. Article 20 (Restrictions on use, etc.) ① "If the “Member” violates the obligations of these Terms and Conditions or interferes with the normal operation of the “Service,” “Green COS” may gradually restrict the use of the “Service” by warning, temporary suspension, or permanent suspension. ② Despite the preceding Paragraph, if the "Member" violates the related laws such as theft of identity and payment in violation of "Resident Registration Act,” the provision of illegal programs and obstacle in operation in violation of the "Copyright Act" and "Act on Computer Program Protection," illegal communication and hacking in violation of the "Information Communications Network Act," distribution of malicious programs, or excessive activities of access rights, "Green COS" can immediately and permanently suspend the “Member.” In the case of a permanent suspension under this Paragraph, all “Points” and other benefits obtained through the use of “Service” will also expire, and “Green COS” shall not compensate for this matter. ③ “Green COS” may restrict the use of “Member” for the protection of member information and operational efficiency if the “Member” does not log in for more than three months. ④ For “Green COS,” the conditions and details of restrictions within the scope of the restriction of use under this Article are subject to the restriction policy of use and the operation policy of the individual “Service.” ⑤ If “Green COS” restricts or terminates the use of “Service” under this Article, it will notify “Member” following Article 9 [Notice on “Member”]. ⑥ “Member” may file an objection against the restriction of use under this Article following the procedures set by “Green COS.” At this time, if “Green COS” admits that the objection is justified, “Green COS” will immediately resume the use of “Service.” Article 21 (Limitation on liability) ① “Green COS” shall be exempted from responsibility for being unable to provide the “Service” due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure. ② “Green COS” shall not be responsible for any obstacles in the use of “Service” due to reasons attributable to “Member.” ③ “Green COS” shall not be responsible for information, materials, reliability of the fact, accuracy posted by “Member” related to the “Service.” ④ “Green COS” shall be exempted from liability in the case of transactions between “Member” or between “Member” and a third party through “Service.” ⑤ "Green COS" shall not be responsible for the use of "Service" provided free of charge unless there are special regulations in the relevant laws. Article 22 (Governing law and trial jurisdiction) ① Lawsuits filed between “Green COS” and “Member” shall be governed by Korean law. ② Lawsuits concerning disputes between “Green COS” and “Member” shall be filed with the competent court under the Civil Proceedings Act. Supplementary provision ① These Terms and Conditions are effective from October 6, 2008.

Collection and use of personal information (mandatory)

Green COS complies with the personal information protection regulations under the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection, etc.” and the “Personal Information Protection Guidelines” established by the Ministry of Information and Communication in order to ensure the confidentiality of privacy and communications assured by the Korean Constitution. However, the following privacy policy is applied to prevent personal privacy threats that may occur due to illegal activities of some immoral people and to protect members' personal information actively. Green COS's privacy policy is published on every page, and we always welcome your questions. Collection of personal information 1-1. Purpose and use of personal information Green COS collects personal information to provide a more diverse and wide range of services customized to the user's identification and individual characteristics. The personal information collected for this purpose is used for fast and accurate delivery under the purchase contract and overall statistical data, providing a high-quality “Service” tailored to each member's preference. 1-2. Collection range of personal information Green COS collects only the minimum amount of personal information necessary to establish and execute the service contract. Green COS does not collect personal information that may significantly infringe on users' basic human rights, such as religion, place of origin, criminal record, health status, and sex life unless there is the user's consent. 1-3. Personal information items and collection method General users can use most of the services without exposing their personal information. However, if someone purchases through _______, you will receive his/her name, phone number, address, zip code, and e-mail address necessary for delivery and confirmation. In the case of members, they will selectively receive an address, zip code, phone number, etc. for the purpose of sending prizes or souvenirs. In addition, if additional optional items that are not required are entered, additional “Service” will be received accordingly. When a user also participates in various promotional events such as various quizzes, giveaway events, or contests held by ________ or cooperative companies, or when it is necessary to disclose information for the use of the service such as posting a post on the bulletin board, personal information will be received. However, the process of obtaining permission from the user will be done once again. Green COS does not use members' personal information for any purpose other than purposes specified above. 1-4. A procedure of user’s consent and exception cases When Green COS collects the user's personal information, it goes through the procedure of obtaining the user’s consent, such as the user's signature and seal, electronic signature, e-mail, and clicking on the consent box. However, the following cases are exceptional; ① When there are special regulations in Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection, etc. and other laws ② When it is necessary for the implementation of the use contract of the service ③ When it is necessary for the settlement of fees according to the provision of the service 1-5. Consignment processing of personal information When Green COS entrusts the processing of personal information to the outside, it obtains the user's consent. Even in such a case, Green COS clearly specifies strict observance of personal information protection instructions of service providers, personal information confidentiality, the prohibition of provision to third parties, and liability in case of accidents through consignment contracts and keeps as records. 2. Personal information protection management 2-1. Green COS’s personal information manager Name: T E L: F A X : e-mail: Green COS limits the handling of users' personal information to the minimum number of personnel and never asks for the user's password by phone or e-mail. 2-2. In case of providing personal information to a third party Green COS does not use your personal information without permission or provide it to third parties. However, the following cases are exceptional; ① If there is a special regulation in the Law of real-name financial transaction, the use and protection of credit information act, Telecommunications Business Act, Local Tax Act, Consumer Protection Law, Bank of Korea Act, the Criminal Procedure Code, and other related laws Even in this case, Green COS also notifies users individually to obtain consent. It also notifies that each user may use in excess of notice or the specified scope and refuse to provide it to a third party.) ② When it is necessary for the settlement of fees for service provision ③ As a case required for statistical writing, academic research, or market research, when these are provided in a form that cannot identify a specific individual ④ When obtaining the user’s consent from an affiliate partner who has been affiliated with the business or an informant who provides information through additional services ⑤ When it is necessary to identify or contact a person who violates the Terms and Conditions or who may harm people intentionally or unintentionally ⑥ When obtaining permission from the user to improve the quality of other services 2-3. Period of retention and use of personal information The personal information of users held by Green COS is from the time the user applies for membership to the time termination is processed. The use period is the same as the retention period, but when the purpose of collection is achieved, personal information will be destroyed even before that time. The same is applied to third parties who are legally provided by Green COS. However, the following cases are exceptional; ① When it is necessary to retain it under regulations of laws such as the Commercial Act ② When the retention period is notified to the user in advance and the retention period has not expired ③ When obtaining consent from users individually 2-4. Measures to personal information protection Green COS's user information is protected with a user ID and a systematically encrypted password. Therefore, only the user can directly manage his/her user information. The only way to access personal information is by logging in with the member's ID and password, and Green COS never asks for the member's password through any method such as e-mail or phone. Therefore, the user is recommended to change his/her password frequently for security reasons. Changes to information are systematically processed so that a user must go through an identity verification process and edit the information him/herself. Passwords are systematically encrypted and stored. However, data transmission over the Internet is not 100% secure, so we cannot fully guarantee the personal information disclosed through bulletin boards or sent and received via e-mails. Therefore, users must log out after using and close the web browser window after sharing a computer or using a computer in a public place. Users are recommended to put efforts to prevent leakage of personal information. 2-5. Management measures Green COS provides necessary training to relevant employees to protect users' personal information. By designating a user of a system that processes personal information, we do not disclose or provide personal information that we have learned on the job. In addition, we have established and operated appropriate procedures to audit whether the relevant employees implement the matters specified in this policy and comply. And if there are any matters required to be corrected or improved or violations due to the audit result, we are doing our best to correct or improve them and take other necessary measures. 3. User management 3-1. Personal information A user who withdraws the consent can enter the user ID and password later and withdraw their consent after consenting to the collection of personal information. In that case, Green COS will verify the identity and take the desired measures. 3-2. Personal information viewing and correction When a user wants to view or correct his/her personal information, he/she can access the _________’s website, enter the user ID and password, and then request for viewing and correcting his/her personal information. Even in this case, Green COS will notify the user after taking corrective action. 3-3. Complaint handling We will kindly resolve user complaints about personal information related to the use of Green COS services at any time. Please send your complaint to the following e-mail address. Internet mail address for receiving member complaints:3-3. Complaint handling Green COS will kindly resolve user complaints about personal information related to the use of our services at any time. Please send your complaint to the following e-mail address; Internet mail address for receiving member complaints: 3-4. Dispute mediation When there is a dispute about personal information, Green COS users can request the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee within the Korea Information Security Agency to process the dispute quickly and effectively. - Report Center for Infringement of Personal Data URL: PC communication: go eprivacy - Report Center for Infringement of Personal Data TEL: 02-1336 According to changes in related laws and guidelines and policy of the government, this privacy policy is subject to change from time to time. Please regularly visit to check the contents of changed matters. If you have any questions about the changed matters, please feel free to contact the personal information manager ().